Workplace issues

The workplace may be defined as a place, area or environment where people are employed and perform functions related to their employment. The definition of the workplace has also expanded to encompass more diverse meanings. The evolution of the workplace may be correlated to the evolution of economy. Today, a category of employed individuals known as knowledge workers comprises part of the work force. These individuals are able to work anytime and virtually anywhere. Their productivity is not confined to a compartmentalized structure such as an office or a factory. Therefore, a better definition of the workplace would be an environment that enables work to be performed.

Effects of the Working Environment

The workplace nowadays is a constant field of struggle for many individuals, mainly because economies are becoming more competitive and the demand for greater levels of achievement in business is at an all-time high. The pressures experienced in today’s workplace are a source of unavoidable stress that weighs heavily on employers and employees alike.

Excessive pressure and demands at the workplace results in adverse reactions from workers who may be experiencing a condition known as work-related stress. Mental health is now a significant issue in business that is now widely recognized and requires significant attention. Individuals who experience common mental-health problems can suffer from anxiety and depression due to work-related stress. These individuals are subjected to more challenges because of the lack of understanding and even the apathy of co-workers. The employees suffering from the effects of workplace stress are often misunderstood, discriminated against and underutilized. Thus, their productivity can be stunted and the business or company is short-changed as a result. Every essential worker is an asset and if that asset is underperforming, the business or company also fails to realize its optimum productivity.


Signs and Symptoms

Work-related mental health issues can present themselves in a variety of ways. Some signs and symptoms manifest insidiously over varying periods of time. Some common psychological symptoms include the inability to cope, inability to concentrate, loss of self-esteem and confidence and loss of motivation as well as emotional symptoms like negative feelings and depression, exaggerated emotional responses, irritability and mood swings.

Sometimes physical symptoms reveal that things are getting to be overwhelming in the workplace, like diarrhoea or constipation, indigestion, headaches, weight changes and back and joint pains.

Behaviours may change as well, such as regarding sleeping habits, self-isolation and using alcohol or illegal substance to relax.

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The business world of today has slowly come to the realization that the impact of mental health on the workforce is proportional to productivity. Therefore, the importance of devoting proper attention to mental health in the workplace has made significant strides in recognition, diagnosis and management.

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