Facing the Real You


Social pressures, discrimination, fear of rejection and prejudice are a few problems that can occur around sexuality. It can be frustrating for individuals to feel that after all of these years, they can’t just be themselves because they still think about how their sexuality will affect their lives if other people, especially their families, know about it. Or, if they are open about their sexuality already, they may still find it hard to deal with other people because of how much they do not know yet about their sexuality or how much negative feedback they will offer when they do know. In this cynical world, some people find it really hard to accept someone’s behaviour or personality because they are setting their own standards and only think about themselves.

Communicating with a counsellor at Fresh Path Counselling can help someone define his or her real self and understand things about themselves that previously seemed inexplicable. It can help an individual feel that he or she is not alone in battle in this cynical world and help him or her to become stronger to fight for his or her rights and happiness.


What Is Sexuality?

Sexuality refers to how much you understand and know yourself as a sexual being. It is the way you feel about sex and how you express it. Sexuality is a powerful force within an individual. Maybe you just don’t know it yet, but it is something you are going to have an in-depth understanding of as time goes by.

Sexual identity refers to how you regard yourself, specifically as gay, lesbian, heterosexual, transsexual or bisexual. This sexual identity can be deceiving because one’s pretence can be enough to make other people believe the disclosed sexual identity is the real one. A person can say he or she is straight even if, deep inside, he or she is gay. Sexual orientation refers to whom you are attracted to, whether you are attracted to men only, women only or both.


The Key to Acceptance

Problems concerning sexuality must be communicated to an expert like a counsellor. Consulting a counsellor is a way to further know and understand oneself. It is also an ongoing process with the goal of acceptance. Acceptance is not something that you buy over the counter but a process with long-term benefits. Not only can counselling help you accept who and what you are but it also aims to help you achieve the acceptance of your family and society by being yourself.

With a counsellor, the process of letting go and accepting yourself will be easier as you know that you are making the right decisions for you. This will help you establish and rebuild healthy relationships with your family, friends and lover.

Set aside your worries about sexuality now, and take a proactive step to improve your life. Then you can be at peace with who and what you are because counselling will help enable you and other people to accept your true self.

Online Counselling

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