Career Guidance

Everyone wants to be the best at something. That’s the point of one’s existence – finding at least one thing that we can excel at. And one of the most sought-after achievements in this world is a good career.
Of course, who would not want to attain recognition for being so good at work? But the path to a successful career is not that easy. With all the competition and globalization happening around the world, one must find the right path towards the finish line without letting things out of hand. The best way to remain on the right path is to go for career counselling. Career counselling can help you start your career, change careers, achieve personal career development and address related career issues.


How It Works

Career counselling takes various forms. Usually, it starts with a career assessment wherein an individual is required to take various tests based on cognitive abilities, personal values and the like.

For some job seekers, career-related problems arise from being stuck and coming to hate one’s job as time passes by. For individuals with more established careers, career problems can still arise from stress, wanting to achieve too much, undefined goals and unclear career paths. Therefore, career counselling can be the solution to your problems. It will help you see the root of the problem; you’ll discover solutions and alternatives until you arrive at the right map that will lead you to the top of your field. Career counselling helps you locate the right career options, choose the right career job and identify major hindrances to your career. Your career assessment results will determine what career path you should take or if it is the right time for you to make a career change. You can also undergo career counselling as an investment that will provide you a great return in the future.

In building your career path, you should utilize good career planning in order to arrive at well-informed decisions. Consider your values, interests, hobbies and personality. In making a career change, it is important to identify the right time for such a change. When things are getting out of hand and you cannot see a clear career path, as hard as it seems, you have to accept that your current career might not really be meant for you. Be confident enough to open a new door to new opportunities at that time. Be courageous enough not to bury yourself in the sand and instead be open to new career growth. Overcome your fear of change and instead of viewing it as a great obstacle, view it as a stepping stone that will lift you higher.

Why do well when you can do the best? Fresh Path Counselling will help you do your best whether you are a job seeker or are in search of a new career path. Contact us today to make an appointment to gain the information you need to reach your career destination successfully.

Telephone Counselling

Some clients find telephone counselling more anonymous than face to face sessions; it gives them the freedom to talk about their concerns without feeling embarrassed. A significant benefit of telephone counselling is the ease of fitting a phone call into your busy schedule as it facilitates out of hours appointment times.

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